Linking art with tourism not right thinking

By Antonnio Katakwe

“The creation or expression of what is beautiful” is the standard definition of Art. One does not need to take much space of this wonderful news paper, explaining what makes Art, how it exists and also out lining its history but  prioritizing  Art with Tourism , an act of visiting for pleasure, is simply an exhibition of Cultural shock,” Poor Westernization “and Brain washing.

Yes there are a lot of misunderstandings and criss-crossing of issues when you look at the definitions within cultures and Art but blatant link of Tourism to Art is simply to reduce ones Culture and beautiful expressions of your people to  sale items.

It is a very good idea to make some money of our expressions; the shame is in the adulteration of these expressions by reducing our true feelings to items of purchase and viewing for visitors.

Art in Africa reached a very advanced stag to a point it became Living and Functional.

In being so Art became an expression of beautiful life and coexisted even by definition, with  the way of doing things such as those that gave us an income i.e. a hand curved comb and a health institution( MUKANDA)  with its   Makishi .The Makishi in this case , is in the centre of a concentric culture of a given people. If you agree how then do you dare reduce that which makes a people to a mere item of visits and visitors? Unless one is a product of” Poor Westernization “

Art belongs to the “Ministry of Culture and Art “I do not want for now bring in the issues of Chiefs and their Ministry as it is an issue of administration of people.

The question is where does a film maker like me report to when my work is about a way of life of people and not about wooden carvings’  at the road side in living stone.


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