Linyunga Ndambo to hold memorial for January 14th victims

The Barotseland activates commonly known as Linyunga Ndambo will this Month hold a march past in remembrance of the people that lost their lives during the Mongu riot in January, 2010.

A highly placed source from the group confirmed the development to the Watchdog on Wednesday.

He said the activists will march from, Kapulanga to the Provincial Administration where they plan to present a petition to the provincial Minister Nathanial Mubukwanu on a number of challenges that are being faced by the young people in the Province.

The source revealed that before presenting a petition, the matchers will stop over at Puma (BP filling station) where one youth was shot dead by an unknown police officer for a moment of silence from.

“This will be a very peaceful mach past in respect to our friends that died in that horrible manner, and also to remind the PF government that we need meaningful development in our province,” he explained.

On the 14th January of last year, thousands of Mongu residents in Western Province most of them youths rioted demanding the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

During the riot at least two people were left dead while about 120 were arrested, charged with treason and detained at Mumbwa Prisons for nine months.

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