Linyungandambo thanks Inonge Wina, Kabimba for supplying them with intelligence data

Linyungandambo thanks Inonge Wina, Kabimba for supplying them with intelligence data

06th March, 2013


inonge1We would like to render our heartfelt thankfulness to some brave individuals who have helped us tirelessly in this struggle supplying Linyungandambo with classified and confidential information about the happenings and decisions Zambian Government is making against Barotseland nationalists and Barotseland Kingdom as a whole. We also know what Zambia is planning to do to Barotseland right now, because we are always in the know. Right now you are hunting Malozi those who know that Barotseland is a nation separate from the demonic Zambia.

However, it will be unwise and ungrateful if we don’t give a word of thankfulness to these useful people such as Hon. Wynter Kabimba, PF Secretary General/ Minister of Justice and Hon. Inonge Wina, the Minister for Gender, all in Zambia. These two individuals deserve a pat on the back and we remove our hats from our heads to salute you; for without you by now all prisons and Police cells would have been full of Linyungandambo members. Land at the burial sites would have been insufficient to accommodate the Linyungandambo member burials perpetrated by the demonic Zambian Government. The Barotseland Government in Waiting will never forget you gallant heroes, and it will honour you for your good works so far done; so continue with that good spirit and let every individual Mulozi in Zambia emulate what these two are doing to their beloved nation of Barotseland Kingdom.

One tragic moment we always remember you on is when the security men and women (O.P. – sniff dogs, PF (Police Force) were waiting for Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa, the Administrator General of Barotseland Government in Waiting, at the Mongu Main Bus Station with aim to shoot him dead for no apparent reason, but Hon. Kabimba informed Kunangela about the plan who then instructed Rt. Hon. Afumba to drop at Kaande or elsewhere and use other means to get home and he did, leaving demonic Zambian security men sleeping with their guns mwamazoho fa station, with the belief that they will catch him. God loves us and that we are his children.

Withal, we also thank his Majesty King Lubosi Imwiko 2 mulya za baelo (the one who take and lives on bribes from foolish people). Because some people thought that the sovereignty of Barotseland is in the hands of the Litunga, when in the actual sense it lays in the hands of the people. It is NOT THE LITUNGA TO DECIDE but the ordinary people. If anything let the demonic Zambian Government pay 42 billion kwacha to every individual Mulozi, then they will manage; even if you bribe the Kuta alone, it won’t help because they are a minority. Sika se kisa Malozi kaufela isini mutu alimuňwi. We heard of the 42 billion kwacha and numerous unknown amounts of bribes that the Litunga received, please wasiwana usi girabe saku bolomoka walimaiba, this is your golden chance to make money from fools. Hon. Wynter Kabimba says that there are several other bribes that came to you My Lord in clandestine channel that is your money muichele, hape basatisa amaňwi.

Cwale lunyaza feela bo Nathanael Mubukwanu who doesn’t help his nation in any way, imbo he used the name of Linyungandambo to win his elections, kono fa mane baeza pukucwe mu sinyeza siliba. Bulozi bulukuluhile cwale lukabona momuka ezeza.

Please Note: the spirit of Rt. Hon. Afumba Mombotwa who is currently in Lukulu is incarnated to many Malozi, and even if you killed him today, 50 more Afumbas will surface quickly to finalize the issue which will make the fight even stronger and faster. When we are under pressure that is when we become very innovative. NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER!! Barotseland is independent and different to Zambia; it’s just that we are peace loving people otherwise by now things would have gone worse to both sides. People will have died in Zambia as well as in Barotseland. Let Mr Sata who has already ordered war against Malozi know that people and buildings in Zambia will be destroyed, don’t ever think that it will only affect Barotseland NO. And if so at the end of that war someone must account for lives lost at the Hague; in this case it will be the old man bo Sata. Barotseland has already given its unequivocal message that it is a neighbour to a demonic Zambia with its rights to exist as a nation, and let the demonic Zambia also explain to the world the relationship of Barotseland and Zambia for the two to be one. “One Zambia one nation” slogan doesn’t exist in any Zambian law, so it is fake; it is a baseless slogan with the aim to hoodwink Malozi, SHUNGU!!

Muyoyange wino lindume za bulozi, very soon we will start enjoying our freedom and independence from those interlopers with fiendish motives.


  • Kunangela Lubinda – Chairman, Linyungandambo, Mutomena Branch
  • Erick Kushandoka Limbwalu – Secretary, Linyungandambo, Mutomena Branch
  • Priscar Neseho Sipangule – Publicity Secretary, Linyungandambo, Mutomena Branch

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