List of corrupt elements holding president hostage

List of corrupt elements holding president hostage

As former PF ministers accuse the PF government of being under state capture here is the list of who is really in charge in Zambia today.


Jianxi– Total Known deals in Zambia so far = US$2.7billion

CHINA Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation Limited Bankrolled PF election campaigns

• The wide range of project contracting of Jiangxi involves road and bridge, building, airport construction, water conservancy and hydroelectric, farmland rehabilitation, farmland irrigation, water supply and dewatering, borehole drilling, geological exploration and municipal and country infrastructure construction.
1. Most famous contract is to construct new KKIA
• The total cost of Airport was US $360 million loan from Exim Bank of China Zambian government was asked to contribute only US$ 25 million as counterpart funding money that was released by former finance minister, Chikwanda in 2014. The money was shared by Joseph Mwewa, Bwembya Chikwanda and Mulenga Sata through their company MS Aluminium which was supposed to supply all aluminium and glass products to the KKIA project.

2. Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway US$1.2 billion
• CHINA Jiangxi Corporation has started using drones to capture data for geotechnical works and road designs aimed at speeding up the construction of the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway.

3. MFEZ: US $300 million project
• first ever Multi Facility Economic Zone in Central Province by China Jiangxi United Industrial Investment.
• The Industrial Park located opposite Farm Store along the Great North Road project would accommodate various industries including motor vehicle and generator assembling plants.
• launched by EL but not operational. Stands to make billions of kwacha.

4. Shares in FQM –
• Jiangxi Mining has quietly purchased about 9.9 % of FQM, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Its purchases have come through derivatives and direct stock purchases and have so far cost about $800m.
• There is a standstill agreement between FQM and Jiangxi in which the Chinese have agreed not to take over without the approval of FQM’s managers and shareholders
• Bought shares in FQM- enough to be below radar of reporting conditions Toronto stock exchange- which starts at 10% shareholding
• This gives them a share of dividends in the holding company which paid $3million Canadian dollars to shareholders in 2018

Huawei – Total deals in Zambia so far US$720m

1. Smart Zambia and Data Center
• In Zambia, Huawei’s products are part of the country’s Smart Zambia initiative to implement digital technologies across government departments. The PF regime single-sourced Huawei to implement the Smart Zambia programme
• At Zambia’s new data center complex at Zicta, Huawei employees work with the Cybercrime Crack Squad, sitting in cubicles where they monitor and intercept digital communications from a broad spectrum that includes opposition groups, activists and journalists.
• The first phase of the project, worth $440 million and mostly financed by the Export-Import Bank of China, began in 2015 after President Edgar Lungu traveled to Beijing to meet President Xi Jinping.
• Huawei employees are embedded within Zambia’s new data center at Zicta,
• half of the 40 staff at the data center are Huawei employees
(according to Wall street journal Aug 2019)
• PF spokesman, Antonio Mwanza, said Huawei technicians, based inside ZICTA help the government combat opposition news sites.
• “Whenever we want to track down perpetrators of fake news, we ask Zicta, which is the lead agency. They work with Huawei to ensure that people don’t use our telecommunications space to spread fake news,” he said.
• linked to targeted bloggers’ Facebook pages, on maps that also charted Huawei phone antennas
• The cyber squad alerted the police in the Northwestern province where Huawei had pinpointed the opposition bloggers.
• Over the next few days, Huawei experts helped Zambian officials track the targets from the Zicta data center offices, maintaining real-time contact with police officers in the field,
• Police swooped in on sites in the outskirts of the copper mining town Solwezi.
• One suspect was typing on his laptop when officers burst in and seized his electronic devices.
• Huawei technicians helped intercept the communications of opposition bloggers
• The Huawei staff accessed the bloggers’ Facebook pages, where they found their phone numbers, and then used spyware from another company to look into and locate the devices.
• Huawei technicians opened their laptops to display screens showing live trace routes of several mobile phones

2. Zambia Towers- $280million
• Huawei Technologies Zambia Limited was awarded the contract to construct communication towers and provide other communications equipment and support to the Government
• Huawei has imported foreign contractor and suppressed local contractors.
• This projected is funded by a loan from China, $280million.
• Huawei has suppressed local contractors by importing foreign subcontractor China comservice Zambia Limited which is a subsidiary of china comservice which is a subsidiary of China Telecommunications state owned Company.
• Phase one of the project was also executed by Huawei Technologies and involved the construction of 200 towers nationally.
• phase two of the project was awarded to Huawei Technologies, despite failing to meet technical specifications in phase one.
• Towers under phase one of the project were poorly done by Huawei as many of the towers did not meet the required technical specifications -5km radius
• Huawei have committed to upgrading all government towers to 5G capability.”

Lamasat and Lamise

• These 2 companies own most of Kafue road frontage from Cosmopolitan mall towards Lilayi- on both sides of Kafue Road


• Lamasat declared bankrupt, when Atlas Mara bank called in an outstanding loan US$14million
• Mahmoud and Mohamed Ahmed asked State House to intervene on their behalf against Atlas Mara
• A quick check on Facebook shows Lamasat is operational again with a newly opened branch at Show Grounds Lima Hall
• Lamasat is the company that got maintenance contract at State House
• Mohamed and Mahmoud Ahmad are people behind New Barcelona football academy- built football grounds but left civic swimming pool (owner of land) in tatters.
• They own rights to any local football talent – as agents, if they are signed by foreign clubs
• LCC refuted rumours that it had sold the land but instead had only entered into a 14 – year lease agreement with Lamasat owners and Barcelona football academy
• The Olympic swimming pool stands derelict today despite claims that it will be reconstructed according to international standards- an indoor will be built with stands, shops, gym and more.
• At opening of Football Academy, Lamasat owners Pictured with Minister in the Office of the Vice President Sylvia Chalikosa and Lusaka Mayor and Miles Sampa
• Ahmed brothers have been photographed in public with President’s daughter, Tasila Lungu and Home Affairs Minister, Kampyongo

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