List of loans acquired by PF regime so far

By Bulongo Malambo

1. US$750million Dollar Eurobond
2. US$52.5 million loan from the World Bank
3. US$70.1 million loan from the Nordea Bank of Denmark
4. US$52.5 million from the World Bank for healthy
6. EUR 53,14 millions from French Development Agency (AFD)
7. US$50 million loan from African Dev Bank for Itezhi-Tezhi hydro power and transmission line project.
8. US$104.1m Danish loan for sanitation project
9. $103 million loan that Libya’s Lap Green Networks obtained from ZTE for the expansion of Zambia
10. K80 billion for Poverty Reduction from China
11. US$26 million loan with International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
12. US$5.6 million loan with OPEC Fund for International Development
13. US$ 23million for lake Tanganyika re development AfDB, this is additional to US$52.5million
14. Kwacha 573 million with the European Investment Bank to finance the implementation of the Zambia Water and Sanitation Project.
15. US$10 million loan agreement with the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) to help boost the country’s education sector.
16. US$163million from Sweden’s Nerdea Bank for Electricity Extension to Neighbours regions of Western and Northern
17. US$48 million Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan for the implementation of the Increased Access to Electricity Services Project. Japan
18. US$18million loan to boast livestock, from African Development Bank (ADB

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