Listen to State house telling police to keep HH in jail

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Edgar Lungu says he does not interfere in the operations of the police. He was speaking in Kasama where he celebrated and mocked the arrest of Hakainde Hichilema.

Now listen to his spokesperson Amos Chanda give orders to Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja in this leaked audio.

Is Amos Chanda part of the police force for Lungu to say there is separation of duties?

Below is what hypocrite Lungu said today at the airport;
“Let’s allow each other space to do that which we have been assigned in our calling. As the President, I know my job and these people also as law enforcement authority they know their job, even lawyers know their job. People calling upon me to intervene in the operations of the police, we don’t do that in a civilised state. The rule of law demands that the law is above all of us so those who are calling upon me to intervene or interfere in areas which are not under my control, I will not do so. Let us respect each other’s roles. There’s the Legislature, the Executive, the Judiciary, President, Police Inspector General, all of us have got roles. Why do they want me to have all the power which I don’t have? I don’t have power.’

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