Liswaniso warns UPND youths

Liswaniso warns UPND youths

United Party for National Development(UPND) National Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso has warned unruly UPND youths against de-campaigning the party in the media.

And Mr Liswaniso has defended the New Dawn Administration’s move of steadily re-arranging the governance system, insisting that the ruling party is not promising but implementing policies.

Briefing the press at the party Youth Command Centre, Tuesday, Mr Liswaniso said when aggrieved, youths should use proper channels of communication within the party instead of lashing to social media.

Mr Liswaniso said it is a well known fact that majority youths who suffered for the UPND to form government are not in employment but that they should cultivate patience as President Hichilema is not done with appointments.

He regretted that the Patriotic Front(PF) employed any Jim and Jack to control the country, regretting that uneducated where supervising educated people because of the shoddy system.

Mr Liswaniso, however, said President Hakainde Hichilema is equal to the task in ensuring that employment is based on merit.

“…Olo mango siyipwela pamodzi(Even mangoes don’t get ripe at the same). Be patient, jobs will be given you,” Mr Liswaniso said.

And Mr Liswaniso urged the youths to support the Hakainde Hichilema’s led government

“I dont want to see any youth to incite others to rise against the party.

It will be a mistake to go to the media and attack your own leaders. Engage the Secretary General who will sit with the parties involved,” he said.

And Mr Liswaniso counselled the youth who were genuinely arrested and fought for the party to form Government to heed the advise and protect the party as a matter of urgency.

The UPND National Youth Chairman said the youth leaders across the country know the tension surrounding immediate solutions to job opportunities and real empowerment.

He disclosed that this is a reason his youth wing is on the ground interacting with the grassroot.

He added that President Hichilema will provide jobs to competent citizens including the Journalists who worked tirelessly for the formation of the UPND in government

Meanwhile, Mr Liswaniso has observed that PF cadres are not arrested on suspected crimes.

He said if the trend continues, his youths will not be reporting any matter to the police.

And Mr Liswaniso said the perceived mistrust between the Zambia Police and the UPND youths created by the former ruling party is not going to be tolerated.

“Wherever l have gone across the country, I am paying a courtesy call to the police to appreciate the frustrations and how we can work together.
Youths today see police officers who tear gassed them.
We are learning to be in government and change of mindset change. The police should understand and give guidance but the youth are not going to be misled” he indicated.

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