Little known church pastor wants MMD de-registered

A hitherto unknown preacher from an equally obscure church called ‘Bride of Christ Ministries’ has written to the Registrar of Societies demanding that the former ruling  party MMD be de-registered.

In his letter to the Registrar of Societies dated 27th December,2011 obtained by QFM, Bride of Christ Ministries Pastor Charles Mubaanga says the MMD has highly violated its mandate,rules, and the rules stipulated by the Registrar of Societies for it to continue existing.

Pastor Mubaanga says the MMD has violated the principle of democratic tenets, which in its formulation document states that it will serve the people of Zambia in a transparent manner.

He said the MMD further robbed the people of Zambia whom they promised to serve with dignity, but ended up robbing them through deceit, craftiness, and plunder of public resources.

Pastor Mubaanga said it is for these reasons that the MMD should stop existing.

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