Two pastors oppose honking

Bd-ChilubaTwo Faith Based Organizations have condemned the planned demonstrations by Civil Society Organizations (CSO) over the acquittal of former President Dr. Fredrick Chiluba.

Christian Coalition (CC) Pastor Clergy Chombela says the planned demonstration will not be beneficial to people in the country as it is aimed at bringing confusion.

Pastor Chombela told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, that there are a lot of developmental challenges that the CSO’s can concentrate on rather than holding demonstrations that will only benefit a few individuals.

He explained that most Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) were established with the call function of assisting the vulnerable groups in the country.

He pointed out that despite demonstrations being a right of any person in a democratic state, NGO’s should always strive to concentrate on issues that will benefit all the people in the country.

Pastor Chombela has further advised people in the country to take a leading role in the developmental process of the country by engaging themselves in serious governance matters than politics.

And Evangelical Youth Alliance President Moses Lungu has said there is need for Zambians to establish good channels of airing their grievances if the country is to develop.

Reverend Lungu noted that demonstrations are not a good way of addressing issues adding that they paint a bad picture of the country to the outside world.

He Explained to ZANIS in a separate interview that CSO’s should at all costs refrain from such activities that can destroy the good image and heritage of the country.

He also charged that the planned demonstrations can reduce investor confidence hence the need for CSO’s to direct their energies and resources towards building capacity and empowering the youths.

Yesterday a consortium consisting of 18 Civil Society Organization threatened to hold countrywide demonstrations and campaigns against the acquittal and the restoration of Dr Chiluba’s immunity.

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