Litunga angered by parley ruling on Barotseland as Barotse chiefs are summoned to Mongu

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has summoned all district Senior Chiefs and other chiefs across Western Province (Barotseland) to Mongu for a Privy Council this week following a ruling by the Zambian parliament to the effect that Barotseland does not exist and must never be mentioned in the Zambian parliament.
The Ngambela,(Prime Minister of Barotseland) Mukela Manyando told South African Channel Africa Silozi program on Tuesday 29th October 2019 that the ruling by the Zambian parliament has not only angered the Barotse Royal Establishment but the King himself (Litunga Lubosi Imwiko ii).
Ngambela Manyando further accused the Zambian government of always provoking the Barotse people and the Royal Establishment through reckless statements and charged that the Zambian government has been refusing to dialogue over the longstanding Barotseland impasse.
He charged that Deputy Speaker of parliament Catherine Namugala was very dull and ignorant on the Barotseland matter adding that Barotseland has been in existence for centuries and cannot suddenly cease to exist.
The Ngambela stressed that the ruling by Deputy Speaker Catherine Namugala by implication means the Zambian government does not recognise His Majesty the Litunga’s jurisdiction over his kingdom of Barotseland adding that likewise it meant even the Barotse Royal Establishment does not exist.
He described the actions by the Zambian government as serious provocation and a threat to the peaceful co-existence currently enjoyed in Zambia.

And Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Induna Mukuluwakashiku, Mowa Zambwe has disclosed that the Privy Council that has been called for chiefs in Barotseland will come up with a national stand and resolution on the way forward on Barotseland to be presented to the Zambian government in response to the ruling from the Zambian parliament.

On Tuesday 8th October 2019, Chipangali Member of Parliament and Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Vincent Mwale, had raised a point of order to stop Sikongo constituency lawmaker Mundia Ndalamei from referring to Western Province as ‘Barotseland’ and argued that the word was unparliamentary.
In her ruling on Thursday 17th October 2019, the First Deputy Speaker said Hon Mundia Ndalamei was not to refer to Western Province as Barotseland and further explained that Barotseland was a former British protectorate which no longer exists and hence should never be used in parliament as there was no place called Barotseland in Zambia.

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