Litunga campaigning for Lungu in Barotseland

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has now engaged the estranged Litunga of Barotseland Lubosi Imwiko ii to campaign for him in Western Province.
In yet another desperate move by President Lungu to win next month’s elections, huge amounts of money have been released to the so called committee that was appointed by the Litunga to meet Lungu over the Barotseland Agreement issue but the committee is now campaigning for Lungu.
The ‘committee’ is now going round districts in Western Province and is also featuring on some community radio stations urging the people of Barotseland to vote for President Lungu.
And a concerned senior Lozi traditionalist has told the Zambian Watchdog that this was the first time that a Litunga has openly engaged in partisan politics adding that it was a disgrace to the Litungaship and the Kuta.
‘It is a disgrace to our tradition that the BRE is now being used by the Litunga to campaign for President Lungu. This is the same Litunga who connived with President Rupiah Banda to kill his own subjects in 2011,’ complained the traditionalist who asked for anonymity.
The so called committee is using the name of the BRE and Kuta to intimidate radio stations that refuse to grant them airtime for their campaigns. The Catholic owned radio Liseli has been warned that the BRE can close the station if it refuses to help them campaign for President Lungu.

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