Litunga embezzles Kuomboka funds

Litunga embezzles Kuomboka funds

File picture: The Litunga (Left) with former President Banda. The tension is visible.

File picture: The Litunga (Left) with former President Banda.

Imwiko Lubosi, the Litunga of the Lozi has come under fire from some Indunas and stakeholders who have demanded for a financial report of funds that were donated to the flopped annual traditional ceremony for three consecutive years.

During a preparatory meeting held in Limulunga, some Indunas demanded to know where the money raised from fundraising events and donations for the 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 to which the Litunga’s representatives failed to give a satisfactory answer.

The ceremony which attracts thousands of people from all over the world was last held in 2013 during which irate residents threw a dog into the water as the Litunga’s barge was about to arrive at the Limulunga harbour as expression of displeasure. In 2012 it was cancelled after the people’s demands for self rule in Barotseland was abrogated.

One of the Indunas disclosed that Kumboka fundraising has now become a source of livelihood for Lubosi and his stooges because they ask for donations and at the eleventh hour cancel the ceremony and suggested that it is even better to channel the resources to the jailed Barotse activists than in a few traditionalists’ pockets.

Various reasons, ranging from low water levels to the death of the Litunga’s wife have been given for the cancellations, but even today it is not known whether the Litunga has now remarried for him to declare to host the ceremony in mid March this year

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