Litunga, family seek to dethrone Chief Inyambo Yeta with help of Sata

Litunga, family  seek to dethrone Chief Inyambo Yeta with help of Sata


Chief Inyambo Yeta

A few days before the 2013 Kuomboka ceremony, the Litunga of Barotseland accompanied by his siblings the Litunga-la-Mboela, Chieftainess Mbuyu Imwiko and Chief Anañanga Imwiko sought the assistance of President Michael Sata to dethrone Senior Chiefs Inyambo Yeta and Amukena II of Sesheke and Kaoma respectively.

The meeting was held at Eagle House, the official Presidential quarters within State House in Lusaka.  The Litunga and his family sneaked into State House using the entrance at Brentwood Drive since they had asked not to be paraded like all chiefs who visit State House.

A highly placed Palace source who sought anonymity for fear of victimisation, revealed to this reporter that during the meeting the Litunga told  Sata that his main road block to reversing the resolutions of the Barotse National Council of March 2013 were Senior Chiefs Inyambo Yeta and Amukena II, as well as Mr. Wainaye Sinyinda the former Ngtambela.

To this list, which the King gave Sata, he added a number of Lozis at home and the diaspora who he said Sata should deal with sternly.

He said these are the main proponents of the formal separation of Barotseland from Zambia.

The source said that, that is how President Sata gathered courage to threaten Sinyinda with arrest using his powerful presidential signature and that is how Sata and his officials were given unlimited access to the Litunga’s palace.. Sata met the Litunga in public for the first time in his life last week after the secret meeting at State House.

The Litunga is reported to have asked President Sata to help with the reinforcement of security services to deal with possible disturbances as a result of the actions.  He would then install his surrogates who sympathise with the continued illegal occupation of Barotseland.  The President had asked how that would be possible taking into account the strict and elaborate system of the Lozi customary and traditional laws.


Heavy presence of Police recruits during Kuomboka

He was cleared by Chief Anañanga Imwiko who said that a precedent had been set before by King Ilute Yeta IV, Chief Inyambo’s father, when he dethroned Chief Siisii Mwanawina of Lukulu and Chief Kandala Kashina for what he termed very trivial offences of caving shavings from the Nalikwanda. Their sister Litunga-la-Mboela Mbuyu Imwiko added that in fact their father King Imwiko I was killed by Lozis in 1948. As children they were hidden and raised far away from the capital in Lukulu by relatives after the demise of their father.

Ironically it was King Yeta IV who installed Lubosi Imwiko as Chief for Lukulu district.

The palace source said that a Privy Council Meeting will be called soon after the conclusion of the Kuomboka ceremony at which the dethronement of the two senior chiefs will be held.

A source warned that should the Republican President fall for this trick and become an accomplice to the Litunga’s treachery and allow this diabolic scheme to go ahead, there will definitely be bloodshed in Barotseland and many lives will be lost and the blunder will be the worst the President would have made in his tenure as Head of State.

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