Litunga living in fear of his own people, guarded by security forces

Litunga living in fear of his own people, guarded by security forces

After receiving cash from the PF regime to work against the wishes of his own people, King of the Lozi people Imwiko Lubosi II is now living in fear of being assassinated.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that the Litunga is now guarded by Zambia Security Forces and is fearful of being hit with a peddling stick during Kuomboka.

The Litunga’s property in Kabwe, Lusaka and a ship in lake Tanganyika has also been given 24 hours security by the PF regime.

According to sources in the Barotse Royal Establishment, the Litunga is extremely worried of what could happen to him during the Kuomboka. They say the Litunga most of the times does not even stay at his palace for fear of being attacked.

The Litunga is rarely seen in public and it is only during events like the Kuomboka that his people see him.

BRE sources explained that for the first time in history, the Kuomboka will be held under and atmosphere of suspicion and fear and the Litunga heavily guarded by armed Zambia security forces.

So far, it is only Fredrick Chiluba’s former spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba who is saying all is well in Bartoseland. Mwamba is now the PF Permanent Secretary in Western province.

Inspector General of police Stella Libongani on Wednesday (yesterday) completed a tour of four districts in Barotseland. While in Mongu yesterday, Libongani said she was satisfied with the determination of police officers to do their work in Western province despite facing both office and accommodation infrastructure challenges.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that Libongani was in the area to inspect the preparedness of the police to handle a possible uprising during Kuomboka.

Just last week, the police failed to contain riots in the small town of Katete in Eastern province and had to call in soldiers.

The Litunga accepted money from president Michael Sata to reverse the resolutions of the Barotse National Council in March 2012. The Council resolved to secede from Zambia due to the treachery on the part of Northern Rhodesia in the Barotseland agreement of 1964.

But the Lozi king and three indunas in the BRE decided to go for 30 pieces of silver.

But Imwiko Lubosi has failed to reverse the resolutions, as it is only another national Council not the BRE that can do so.

But sources in the BRE say convening another national council to reverse the resolutions is suicidal as delegates who attended the 2012 council were unanimous and categorical.

‘On the other side, the PF is piling pressure on the King to deliver on his promise,’ said a source.

In November 2012, Michael Sata promised to defend and protect the Litunga and the Barotse Royal Establishment from any attempts of aggression from his own people.
Sata claimed he had credible information that there were certain frustrated and ill-advised persons that were manoeuvring to bring strife to the Litunga and the BRE.

He warned that the state security wings would not sit idle and watch reckless people sow discord in Western Province.

“Therefore, those seeking to undermine the Litunga and the BRE using unlawful means will be dealt with firmly. As responsible elected officers of the people, we pledge that urgent and practical measures will be engaged to nip these illegitimate schemes in the bud,” Sata said.

On the other hand, the forthcoming Kuomboka ceremony will be an occasion for the PF to show that there is discontent in Barotseland. The event will be heavily publicised to show how PF officials will be officiating at the event. Hungry indunas will be given unlimited access to government to talk about all the good things the PF has done in the area.

It will an occasion to stamp PF authority and that there is no talk of secession.

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