Litunga maybe forced to address people on Barotseland agreement

Litunga maybe forced to address people on Barotseland agreement

The Litunga (Left) with president Banda. The tension is visible even on the faces

Pressure is mounting on the Lozi king the Litunga to state his position clearly on whether he wants Western province to secede or not .

A militant group called the Linyundangambo has already threatened to declare independence of Barotseland once the Zambian president dissolves parliament in readiness for this year´general elections.

There is excitement in Western province right now as rumors are circulating that the Litunga will for the first time come out of his palace to directly address the people on the issue of the 1964 document.

According to some people in that area, the Litunga will address the people on Tuesday this week.

The Litunga is rarely seen in public. When he has something to say, he speaks through his Nagmbela, prime minister.

But there are reports from local people that this time, the Litunga may come out of the Limulunga his palace and talk to the people directly.

Tow weeks ago, the Litunga was at State House in Lusaka where he met president Rupiah  Banda.

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