‘Litunga misled the British’

The Christian Coalition has accused the Lozi King, the Litunga of Western Province of having misled the British in signing the controversial Baroste agreement.

Coalition Spokesperson John Mwendapole says government should not negotiate with the Litunga saying this will send a bad Signal to other paramount chiefs.

Mr. Mwemdapole challenged the Litunga to disclose how much he has benefited from the agreement. He says the Barotse issue is a dead matter that should not be discussed by well meaning Zambians. There have been demands by the Barotse Freedom Movement and the Movement for the Restoration of the Barotse Agreement for the secession of Weste¬rn Province from Zambia. And Mr. Mwendapole has accused donors of playing double standards in maintaining peace and democracy in the country.

He says many donors in the country have been embracing political leaders that practice undemocratic tendencies. He says it is not reasonable for any donor to champion regime change in a democratic state that will hold elections this year.

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