Litunga, Ngambela refuse to meet Veep Scott

Litunga, Ngambela refuse to meet Veep Scott

Guy Scott

Both the King and Prime minister of Barotseland have refused to meet Vice-president Guy Scott.

Guy Scott was in Western province over the weekend on some unknown mission.

Scott told government newspapers that he was in Mongu on an unofficial visit and merely accompanied his wife Charlotte, who officiated at the women empowerment programmes at the invitation of the Ministry of Gender and Child Development.
“When I learnt that she was coming here, I took the opportunity and I want to spend time with the party, which we have not met since elections. I also want to talk to government officers about development,” he said.

But the Watchdog is reliably informed that the PF regime is worried at its rejection in Westen province and Scott was sent to go and assess the situation.

Reports that the British High Commission was in Barotseland to see the situation for himself has further worried the regime which many say came to power through lies.

But Scott’s attempt to meet the Litunga was snubbed as the Litunga flatlty refused to meet anyone connected to the PF government. Scott then tried to meet Ngambela Clement Sinyinda who did not even respond the request sent through provincial minister Obvous Mwaliteta.

Scott later told his party cadres that Western Province deserves a fair allocation of national resources in the 2013 national budget like any other region in Zambia.

Why he said this God knows because Scott is one of the people allocating resources in the budget and he was supposed to tell this to his freinds in Lusaka.

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