Sata, Litunga agree to arrest former Barotse prime minister Sinyinda

Sinyinda: betrayed by his own King over money

President Michael  Sata has ordered the arrest of former Ngambela of Barotseland Clement W. Sinyinda for having incited the people of Barotseland to agitate for “secession” of the Western Province from Zambia while he served as Ngambela, according to Barotsepost.

However, other reports have indicated that this order may have been made at the demand of the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II.

Confirming the reports a source very close to Mr. Sinyinda and in Limulunga  said they were actually just waiting for the Zambia Police to come and effect the arrest. According to the insider, this was one of the hallmark of the Litunga Lubosi’s closed door meeting with Mr. Sata earlier in the day.

During the 27th March Barotse National Council of 2012, presided over by the then Ngambela Hon. Clement Wainyae Sinyinda, the people of Barotseland unanimously accepted the nullification of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 by Zambia, and consequently resolved that Barotseland was to immediately initiate all formal and necessary procedures and acts for the re-establishment of Barotseland Sovereignty and Independence – A de facto break away from its current underlying status within the Republic of Zambia. The BNC is the highest decision making body in Barotse Governance System, and decisions passed by this organ cannot be reversed by any other organ or individual except by another BNC.

Recent reports, however, have alleged that the Litunga of Barotseland, Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II, has been under extreme pressure from Mr. Sata and his Lusaka government for Him to use His powers to reverse that BNC resolution of the people, amidst accusation of having received bribe, from Mr. Sata’s government, amounting to KR 42 million – Zambian Rebased Kwacha equivalent to about USD 8 million.

Hon. Sinyinda resigned as Ngambela of Barotseland in November 2012 citing among other things the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II ‘s lack of support and protection of his (Ngambela’s ) position. There has not been any replacement of a Ngambela since then with some Lozi traditionalists insisting that Sinyinda is still Ngambela as he has never given up his Royal Staff of Authority as Ngambela.

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    Mwiya James 5 years

    18th April, 2013
    The Litungu Lubosi 11 of the Kingdom of Barotseland,
    Barotseland – Mongu.

    Dear Sir,

    Re: Sinyinda Behind Fights Against Litunga Said Michael Sata, Zambian President.
    In response to the Post Newspaper of Monday Apirl 15, 2013, we the Barotseland Liberation Army (BLA) wish to ask the Kuta and Litungu of Barotseland to immediately response to Mr. Michael Sata, the Zambian President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces for stating that Former Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Prime Minister Clement Sinyinda is behind fights against the Litunga and , we expected Michael Sata to show leadership and apology if he had failed to honor or restore the 1964 Barotseland Agreement has he done promised and the former first Zambian President Dr. Kenneth Kunda for abrogated of the 1964 Barotseland Agreement in 1969, kidnapping, languishing, evil treating, torturing and humanly by the Zambian security forces on causing tension and division among people in Barotseland. We are not happy and would like to warn the Litungu of Barotseland and his count part Mr. Michael Sata for fueling in tension on people in Barotseland, we wonder how wise Mr. Michael Sata for him to travel from Zambia’s Capacity City Lusaka to cause division and tension among people of Barotseland, this shows how foolish and stupidity both Michael Sata, Litunga Lubosi 11 and Acting Prime Minister.
    Mr. Michael Sata, the Litunga Lubosi 11 and his Acting Prime Minister should know that on 27 March 2012 the people of Barotseland at the convened Barotse National Council (BNC) spoke with a loud voice, by endorsing the resolutions of the BNC, which among other issues unequivocally expressed the desire to reconstitute Barotseland into a sovereign nation. We the sons and daughters of Barotseland should rise above self-interest in the fight for a united and prosperous Barotseland. The BRE should not forget that Barotseland was lost in 1964 because of its rigidity and inability to modernize itself. In effect, the BRE must be overhauled and transformed in line with contemporary trends, however, should Mr. Michael Sata and BRE fails to apology to the will of the people, then it should be dissolved and people of Barotseland shall march to freedom as a Republic and fight not for a constitutional monarchy but to liberate Barotseland step by step. We appealing to the Linyungandambo, Barotse Freedom Movement, Movement for the Restoration of Barotseland, Barotse Patriotic Front, Barotse Youth League and other Barotseland Liberation Activists Organizations, we have an enemy within us and lets commit to liberate Barotseland step by step from Zambia with one goal and collaboration. Kuomboka should be cancelled if not.
    Issued by Barotseland Liberation Army Commander: – Lt General Mwiya James.

    CC. The Secretary General, United Nations, Secretary General, African Union, Secretary General, SADC.
    CC. The Inspector General of Police (Stella Libongani), the Bishop of Mongu Catholic Dioceses.
    CC. The Embassies Accredited to Zambia, All the Churches in the Kingdom of Barotseland., Radio Liseli.
    CC. The General Public and Administrator General, the Barotseland Government in Waiting.

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    All those that bring confusion should be arrested. These my friends sold the country in the name of barotse land agreement. Open your eyes Zambia