Litunga ready to sound war drums as PF police nab 3 more activists

Barotseland traditional leader – the Litunga – has declared his people will be ready to go to battle with Zambian authorities if they dare sending soldiers and policemen to the region.

And three more people have been arrested in Western Province bringing the number to 15 of people allegedly to be ringleaders of the group that tore 500 copies of the draft constitution.

Barotse activists, who have declared separation of Zambia, the Litunga has communicated to the inner circle to prepare for the worst in the dispute.

“The Litunga is saying that if Zambia goes ahead with its plans to send the army and the police here, the Ngongi will sound and the Maoma drums will be drummed to declare war,” an insider disclosed.

The Litunga is also sad that his people have been arrested and charged with malicious damage for tearing to pieces copies of the PF draft constitution.

Meanwhile, the leading Barotseland activists – Barotse Freedom Movement (BFM) and Linyungandambo – are warning PF officials against taking their silence for granted.

BFM leader Chazele Mulasikwana, who last week led a group of activists in tearing the draft constitution in the presence of the Mongu district commissioner, said Western Province has nothing to do with the Zambian constitution.

“That Zambian constitution has nothing to do with us. It is of no benefit to Lozis because we will not participate in anything to do with the Zambian government programmes.

His counterparts at the Linyungandambo vowed that no amount of threats would intimidate their resolve to breakaway from Zambia.

Linyungandambo has accused President Michael Sata and his PF government of deliberately sowing the seed of confusion.


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