Litunga reportedly dead

Litunga reportedly dead

There are strong but unconfirmed reports that the Litunga of Barotseland has either died or is critically ill.

According to unconfirmed reports, Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko was involved in a road accident on his way to meet president Lungu mid last week.

Despite the strong rumours that started sweeping Barotseland on Wednesday evening, the Barotse Royal Establishment has not issued any statement.

According to reports, the Litunga was found unconscious at the scene of the accident but his driver died on the spot.

Further reports suggest that the Litingu was ‘sorted’ out by his subjects for treachery. Ordinarily the Litunga travels with his security but from the time he was hired by the PF to be its main campaign agent in Barotseland, he has been traveling secretly and incognito.

Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko is extremely unpopular in Barotseland.

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