Livingstone Hospital owner deported as Egpyt fumes

Shafik Mohammed, the owner of a famous private hospital in Livingstone has been deported to Egypt because his wife refused to join the ruling PF.

And latest information indicte that the Egyption government is upset by the deportation of  Dr. Mohammed for no valid reason.  Further information shows that the Egyption ambassador in  Zambia tried to intervene and prevent the deportation but Zambian authourites acted fast to avoid the Egptian envoy.

Dr Mohammed owns Shafik hospital in Livingstone but has been deported from Ndola.

He was bundled on Flight SA97 to Cairo via Johannesburg. The plane left Ndola for Johannesburg at 14: 25 hours Zambian time. From Johannesburg he will fly to Kenya then Cairo.

He was arrested at his hopital on Monday and was not allowed to pick anything apart from his reading glasses. He is said to have left a lot of cash in the hospital.

After been picked, he was driven to Lusaka but when the Egyptian ambassador phoned the ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Zambian officials decided to drive Dr Mohamed to Ndola and deport him very fast.

Shafik is one of the biggest hospitals in Livingstone. It is near Chanda Mali market.

His wife grace Shafik was mayor of Livingstone under MMD. After the 2011 polls, Grace lost and resigned from active politics. But Sylivia Masebo has been pressuring her to join PF and stand as its parlaimentary candidate. She refused.

The PF then told her husband to persuade her or be deported.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that the minister of Foreign in Egpyt phoned the officials at the Zambian ministry to complain of this harassment.

The Egpytion minister  is said to have asked why Zambia is harassing Egyptions when Zambian soldiers are currently being trained for free in that country.

A letter of protest from Egypt is currently being processed according to well informed sources.

Dr Mohammed has been in Zambia for 22 years and first came under a government project where he was working for the government for seven years.


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