Livingstone man, 38, masturbates, ejaculates on a young girl at Women’s Day celebrations

Livingstone man, 38, masturbates, ejaculates on a young girl at Women’s Day celebrations

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POLICE in Livingstone have arrested 38-year-old curio trader Mushaukwa Siyanga after he was found masturbating and ejaculating behind a woman during the International Women’s Day celebrations.

Women from all walks of life gathered at Livingstone Civic Centre grounds, among them residents, school children, teachers, representatives from non-government organisations and church leaders, with the aim of appreciating the role of women in society.

Works and supply minister Yamfwa Mukanga was on hand to welcome the women and thank them, on behalf of the government, for contributing towards national development.

Siyanga, a resident of Linda compound, left his wife and five children at home to also take part in the celebrations, and the event kicked off with a display of performances by majorettes at 10:30 hours.

As the event proceeded, temperatures in the tourist capital started rising and the majorettes retreated to nearby shades, joining other spectators, among them Siyanga.

As the jostling and squeezing in the crowd continued, Siyanga found himself desperately desiring to relieve himself and he began masturbating near a majorette who was standing in front of him.

A loud scream from the 20-year-old majorette punctuated the event, and when people turned to establish what had alarmed her, Siyanga had already ejaculated all over her back and was pulling up his zipper.

The women who were standing nearby could not believe what they saw and quickly called the police.

Siyanga told police officers that he could not help himself as the woman was pressing on his manhood.

The visibly traumatised woman could not talk as she accompanied police officers to Livingstone Police Station, while Siyanga looked calm and composed.

Livingstone town clerk Vivien Chikoti said Siyanga’s act was degrading to women, particularly given the significance of the day.

“We are showcasing that we as women are very special to the community and society and we will not accept this kind of behaviour. We thank the police for the quick action in arresting him. That is like raping our women in full view of everybody celebrating the International Women’s Day, including the minister. It is very unfortunate,” said Chikoti.

Southern Province police commissioner Goodwin Phiri later said Siyanga was charged with attempted rape.

“The matter is definitely indecent assault, but he has been charged with attempted rape. I can’t divulge more details in the matter, especially the identity of the girl, as the matter is still under extensive investigations,” said Phiri.

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