Livingstone mayor reinstated

vflivingstonetownLivingstone mayor Joram Mwinda is likely to be reinstated today (Friday) following a directive from the ministry of local government.

Mr. Munyinda was suspended early this week by a special resolution of councillors following his being investigated for raping an unidentified woman.

The nameless woman has reportedly withdrawn the complaint from police a move that angered the local chapter of the Young women Christian Association (YWCA).

Mr. Munyida claimed that the woman is his girlfreind but that during sexual intercourse the condom broke and the woman raised hell.

He told the Post newspaper: “We were together having a nice time and ended up at my home. Yes, we had sex and in the process the condom broke and she started to cry and raised the attention of my neighbours,” Mwinda explained. “Some people even went to her to report to the police but she refused after we had a discussion with her. We are still together, she is my girlfriend; as you are aware that I m not married.”

Livingstone is ‘infested’ with prostitutes and other sex workers mainly due to its being a tourist destination. The prostitutes come from all over Zambia and from the neighboring Zimbabwe.

After the case was made public, local government minister Ben Tetamashimba ordered that the mayor be suspended until his name was cleared.

But on Thursday, Ministry PS Coillard Chibbonta ordered the councillors to re-convene and reinstate the mayor since the grounds of his suspension  no longer exist.

The meeting will take place Friday.

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