Livingstone MP crushes child to death

Livingstone MP crushes child to death

Newly elected MP for Livingstone Lawrence Evans has killed a child in Kafue.

Evans crushed the child using his car through dangerous driving but police are trying to cover the crime and protect Evans.

The child died on the spot.

Most people believe that PF leaders are involved in Satanism and sacrificing people through road accidents. Crushing a child on the eve of Eshter could be a Thanks Giving to the god of PF and darkness for the electoral victrory in Livingstone.

Mufumbwe MP Steven Masumba also sacrificed his baby boy a few days after winning the by-election. The baby ‘drowned’ in a domestic swimming pool.

Evans is believed to belong to the club of Satanists based in Livingstone and during the bye-elections in Livingstone, at least one person was killed. A bus was burnt to ashes just outside Livingstone but the Christians in the bus survvived.

Daily Nation Version

Newly elected Patriotic Front (PF) Livingstone Central Member of Parliament Lawrence Evans has killed a nine months baby after he drove over it leaving its head crushed.
The accident happened around 14 hours at Turn Pike a few meters after the Kafue weigh bridge when Mr. Evans was trying to avoid a long convoy and decided to use  a filter lane.
Police officers at the scene told the Daily Nation that the mother of the baby left her lying under a tree while she went to sell her merchandise.
“Mr. Evans was driving to Livingstone and tried to avoid the convoy by using the filter lane but ended up driving over the baby that was sleeping under the tree while her mother was selling bananas and oranges. The baby had her head crushed and the brain spilled all over,” said police officers.
And an eye witness indentified as Trio Mangimela blamed the PF lawmaker for failure to exercise patience on the road saying that Mr. Evans drove outside the road to where the baby was sleeping and ended up crushing her head.
Mr. Evans was later taken to Kafue Police Station for further investigations.
Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela could not be immediately reached for  a comment


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