Liwewe was one of top 5 soccer commentators- International Soccer media


What Okonkwo and Lartey were to Nigeria and Ghana respectively, Liwewe was to his native Zambia. In the glory days of the ‘KK 11’ (as Zambia’s national team was then famously referred to), Liwewe’s career bloomed as strongly as his voice boomed. In the build-up to a goal, Liwewe would rattle words hurriedly in his own inimitable style and cap it with a thundering hurrah or a terribly morose climax, depending on whether Zambia went in front or behind as a consequence. Possessing an extensive range of emotions while running commentary, objectivity, to Liwewe – as to several other African commentators of that period – was less of a priority relative to the fact that he actually considered it part of his patriotic responsibility to support his country’s team versus opponents from elsewhere. Liwewe, now aged over 70 and long retired, remains outspoken on the Zambian national team’s fortunes, and was admitted to hospital in late 2013 for poor health but is said to be recuperating well at present.


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