LLC to demolish ‘illegal’ structures

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) will soon swing into action and demolish illegal structures in the city.

Council Public Relations Manager Chanda Makanta told ZANIS in an interview today that the move has been prompted by an increase in the number illegal buildings in the city.

Mrs. Makanta cited Lusaka’s Ibex Hill area as having an alarming rise in the number of illegal structures.

She said despite the local authority issuing several warning notices to culprits, the warnings have blatantly been ignored.

Mrs. Makanta said the council has been unable to construct drainages in the area due to the illegal structures that have taken up the space for the drainage.

She said such a scenario made waste management difficulty for the local authority to fulfill.

Mrs. Makanta said apart from problems of waste management, the absence of a drainage system would inevitably result in flooding during the rain reason.

She explained that council’s move to demolish illegal structures is not meant to injure the illegal developers but deter people from constructing structures prior to the council’s approval.

Mrs. Makanta advised would-be developers to consult Town and City planners at the council to avoid the pain of having their structures demolished after completion.

She said the developers should not blame the council if they do not heed to the local authority’s advice and end up losing money through demolition of there homes.

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