Load shedding in Rockfield Chalala

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me to review my anger and disappointment to Zesco.

Am currently staying in rockfield chalala and our place is affected by power cuts everyday during the week at 18;30 hrs to 20;30hrs.

I would like to seek clarification to the managing director how the load shedding is done.

Our near by neighbours in woodlands never have black outs. Does it mean they buy expensive units when they top up? If we buy at the same price then no one should be immune to the loading shedding. No wonder its called “load shedding.” Everyone has to be subjected to this whether in woodlands or garden compound.

Am appealing to the relevant authorities to see to it that we have a proper system on the load shedding. Its totally unfair for others to experience special services while others are over looked when we pay the same amount of money to buy electricity.


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