Loadshedding due fake Chinese turbines not drought

Loadshedding due fake Chinese turbines not drought



Water levels in the Kariba Dam have dropped by 13 centimetres in the last seven days and are currently at 476.73 metres.

According to the Zambezi River Authority, last year on the same date, the Lake level was 482.59m.

The last seven days is between 18 December 2019 and
24 December 2019
The Kariba Lake is designed to operate between levels 475.50m and 488.50m for hydropower generation.


We told you that the low water levels at Kariba Dam have very little or nothing to do with the increased electricity loadsheding in the country.

When Kariba Dam was built in 1959, they came with the British made Turbines, but these PF thieves with their Chinese friends namely Syno Hydro removed all the British madeones and replaced them with the Chinese Turbines. Those Chinese turbines uses a lot of water to generate electricity because they are of poor quality. As long as that is not replaced with the original American and British ones, then forget about having enough water and enough electricity.

In fact, the British projections about that dam were designed to withstand 3 to 4 years of complete draught but can still run the British made turbines without losing too much water.

This what stealing public resources such as Eurobond money money that was pumped into ZESCO can do.

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