Loadshedding In Kabanana Fumbelo

Loadshedding In Kabanana Fumbelo

Ba whatchdog

Please post this,maybe our MP,Mandevu Constuency, as well as ZESCO PR, HENRY KAPATA will see this..I don’t know about other areas,but kuno ku kabanana/kwa fumbelo we experience power outages from 06AM to 02AM the following day..we do understand the current situation,but we humbly request for an evenly distribution of the available resources,Plea goes to our ABLE MP Hon.JEAN KAPATA.


I don’t want to be tempted to conclude that you have neglected your constituency,but I’m forced to think otherwise..We have no advocacy concerning the status quo at the moment.my question is,are you aware that some parts of your constituency don’t get the same treatment as others in Loadsheding?if YES,what are you doing to even the play ground?
Please advise the power utility company to stick to the schedule.

Maybe Mukati uze chabe ati “imwe ku kabanana muli ku CHIBOMBO”so that we remain in our place,ndaba mayo wa luse businesses have gone down, school goers can’t study etc.

Thank you

Concerned Resident
Kabanana/kwa fumbelo/site and service

Cde Juan

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