Loadshedding leaves Lukulu govt offices in ashes


The building housing offices for the District Commissioner, department of social welfare, magistrate courts, DAO and other departments in Lukulu have been burnt following an electrical fault triggered by load shedding.

According to government sources, there was no power most of the time at the government offices due to scheduled load shedding by Zesco.

When power was restored, it triggered an electrical faulty that in turn sparked the fire.

The PF media though is preaching that the building was set ablaze by UPND Supporters who are not happy with the declaration of Edgar Lungu as winner of August 11 elections.

The government building is guarded 24 hours so if there were an UPND supporters with petrol bombs or whatever weapons, someone should have identified them or at least took photos of them. Lukulu is a small town where people know who is who.

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