Local car importers cry foul as weak Kwacha bites

Goodmorning editor,

Please hide my identity.

I am a very keen follower of your online media and sometimes a radical critic of your posts when I feel you are not objective.

However, I personally appreciate the checks and balances you are employing on the current leadership. In this vain, I thought of seeking your medium to lodge this complaint.

I am a frequent importer of south african vehicles particularly vans. Initially we could pay duty for Toyota Hilux double cabs, 2007-2010 models between 20000-23000 kwacha which is way to high compared to other countries in the southern region. To my amazement, after bringing a similar brand, customs asked me to pay K48000.
Honestly editor, how can anyone in this world justify such a rise? Furthemore, What hurts the association of Car dealers is how mean the government treats it’s own citizens as opposed to such entities such as Jan Japan, Be Forward, Zam auto etc. We are only SME’s who are trying to create self employment and have a vision of becoming becoming employers in due course. My editor,I would like to report to your attention that as locals, we have the capacity to supply used vehicle’s, and hence no need for government to entertain so called investors who have come to deprieve our thrieving business men and women in this market. The same way the government has banned so called investors on supply of chickens/eggs, we appeal that a ban be imposed on foriegners selling used vehicles. why should ZRA jeopardise our means of livelihood? in any case, why not maximise collection of taxes from the mines and chinese contractor’s who are busy externalising our forex?
Kindly publish this complaint Mr edito

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