Local govt commission still employing relatives despite wage freeze

• Dear Editor,
please hide my identity.
Please help me to expose the rampant corruption at the Local Government Service Commission. Since this current commission was put in place there has been nothing but problems and confusion in the council.
• They are only employing their relatives despite the employment freeze put by government. They are still employing and back dating the letters to December 2013 and February 2014. They are making sure that their new staff with no experience start at higher position even when the old staff have the same qualifications with them just because they are they relatives.
The commission have vowed to transfer and remove all hardworking staff to rural and remote districts in the same lower position in order to create room for their children so that they remain in town councils. As this can be seen by the many unexplained transfer of late which have rocked many town council.
Council workers are already frustrated with no salaries as if not enough you add on top of that you subject them to transfers which they move three to four provinces for them to reach their new places of work all this because they have to make room for the new staff.
Don’t take this lightly investigate this and you will find the truth.
Please disband this batch of corrupt commission before it gets from worse to kaya.

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