Local govt PS tells hunger stricken council workers to work hard

LOCAL Government Permanent Secretary Chileshe Mulenga yesterday told hunger stricken Kitwe City Council (KCC) workers to forget about their two months salary arrears and concentrate on hard work so that they could bring beauty to the city of Kitwe.

Despite being reminded by the council workers that it was practically impossible for workers to work hard or improve their work culture because of delayed salaries and poor conditions of service, Dr Mulenga told the workers that they would not be motivated by the government to work hard but they should be the first ones to change their work culture.

Dr Mulenga told the council workers who are in two months salary arrears that motivation would only come after they had changed their work culture and improve the city of Kitwe.

“You can’t talk of motivation now, first you should change your work culture and bring beauty to the city of Kitwe. Even when you are hunger stricken, you should work hard so that you bring development to this country. .

“Some countries have developed from hunger and poverty stricken to prosperity because of hard work and so why can’t you do it. So first you should work hard and bring prosperity to the city of Kitwe, then you will be motivated,” Dr Mulenga said.

Dr Mulenga also told the management at the KCC to report for work at 07.00hours while the rest of the staff to report for work at 07.30hours.

He said the management should be reporting for work at 07.00hours so that it could plan on how to carry out various duties of the council.

He said the council was failing to effectively carry out its duties because of indiscipline among its workers and so those who were indiscipline should be ready to face the consequences.

He said the Patriotic Front (PF) government had provided political will to develop the country and deliver the services to the people, but those who wanted to sabotage the good policies of the PF government should be ready to leave and allow those interested to work with President Michael Sata.

“There is a lot of indiscipline at the council and this was why the council was failing to deliver its services to the people, but with the coming of the PF, we will not tolerate indiscipline and so am sounding a warning that those who want to work should work, but those who want to sabotage the policies of PF, should leave us,” He said.

But, some council workers like Dennis Nkhata told Dr Mulenga that it was practically impossible for workers to improve their work culture when their conditions of services were pathetic and were always in salary arrears of two or three months.

Mr Nkhata said because of the poor conditions of services and salary arrears, council workers were always hunger stricken, a situation which was making it difficult to improve their conditions of service.

“You came here with a nice and smooth voice of saying that we should improve our work culture, but you are not talking about the poor conditions of service and the salary arrears. How can we improve our work culture when we are coming from hunger stricken homes where even don’t know what we will eat for the day? ” Mr Nkhata said.

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