Local govt tribunal update

Local government tribunal update


Wilbroad Bwalya returning officer for Nyemba ward, in Chilanga Constituency told the court that the record of proceedings and G12 form are missing.

Mr Bwalya told the court that a presiding officer brought another document after he had declared Sipho Hlazo a winner.

In cross examination Mr Bwalya was asked if he was aware of the cancellations on the form and that whoever was canceling did not counter sign.

He agreed that no one counter signed but however   Invited both the UPND and PF candidate so that they would resolve the issue but the UPND candidate did not turn up for the meeting.

Meanwhile he revealed that the same presiding officer who objected to the results brought two more documents with different results.

When asked which one of the three documents had right figures Mr BwAlya said he does not know because the presiding officer seemed confused.

Meanwhile the matter is going on without the record of proceeding and the G12 for the entire ward.

Mr. Bwalya was also the presiding officer for the Presidential and other elections at different levels in Chilanga.
His testimony and evidence bring adduced plus inconsistencies would also have been part of the UPND’s evidence in the Presidentialpetition which was never heard by the corrupt Constitutional Court judges.
So far the PF are very uncomfortable with the ongoing tribunals and election petitions across the country as the evidence is very incriminating as it has consequences for the presidential election outcome.

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