Local NGOs say voting was generally well

The Civil Society 2011 Election Coalition says there were some problems but “generally, the process went well on Election Day.

CSEC Chairman Sam Mulafulafu said in a press statement that generally voters had an opportunity to go to the polls and vote for the candidate of their choice.

‘The process was not, however, without challenges as CSEC monitors observed that 35% of polling streams opened late across the country and more than 50% in Lusaka and North Western provinces,’ he said.

He explained that there were also problems with voters with proper identification, National Registration Cards (NRCs) and Voters’ Cards, who were turned and not permitted to vote because their names were not on the voters register.

He said CSEC monitors observed this problem at 41% of polling streams nationally.

‘Further, there were isolated incidents of violence, particularly in Lusaka. While CSEC condemns these incidents, they were not widespread,’ said Mulafulafu.

He explained the the process is not over and CSEC continues to monitor the collation of results and will issue additional statements as appropriate.

He, on behalf of CSEC called on all Zambians to remain calm as the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) collates   and announces the official results

According to Mulafulafu, the Civil Society Election Coalition (CSEC) 2011 is a joint initiative of eight independent, highly  respected and non-partisan Zambian organisations which have come together to monitor the 2011 Tripartite Elections together.

On Election Day, CSEC deployed approximately 9,000 trained and accredited non-partisan monitors to nearly every polling stream and station in the country. Among CSEC’s approximately 9,000 monitors, 985 were designated as Rapid Response Project (RRP) monitors to provide more immediate information on the conduct of the election.

They were deployed to polling streams at a representative sample of polling stations located in every province, district and constituency of the country.

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