Lombe Chibesakunda nullifies two opposition seats, more by-elections

The Supreme Court under the supervision of disgraced Judge Lombe Chibesakunda has today nullified the opposition held Vubwi seat in Eastern province for Eustacio Kazonga (MMD) and UPND’s Zambest West held by Charles Kakoma.

The Zambianwatchdog recently revealed that the PF were determined to regain their lost glory after the humiliation defeats by nullifying opposition seats using Lombe Chibesakunda.

This now means the action by Chibesakunda to nullify the two seats will result in the country spending huge sums of money for by-elections in Vubwi and Zambezi west which the PF is determined to win at all costs.

There are three other by-elections that have not yet been held.

Details of the judgement will follow later.

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