Lone Protester still detained

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    Getrude Bwalya 2 weeks ago

    Lungu, on 18 th October, you are going to hold prayers for what? zambia is not a christian country. If it was a christian country, lungu would not be hehaving the way he is behaving. The Mucheleka, aggrivated robbery really in a chritian country. Abakaya mukupepa think twice. pa 18 october. Dicatatorship country. Better, not to pray, just stay home.

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    maddog 2 weeks ago

    why detain him, we overcame ruthless kaunda what more a drunkard from mars

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    Dictatorship 2 weeks ago

    Whoever advises this Govt is not fit & is under qualified. After all the grave issues the international community perceives Zambia as poorly Governed then u add to the list arresting & detaining a lone protestor! Is there any wisdom in doing that? What perception a we creating with the outside world? That lone protestor should hv been arrested & released the same day. As things stand, outsiders hv now believed Zambia is under a dictatorship. It’s the PF Govt sending this unfortunate signal.