Lone robber snatches money from Barclays ATM

A lone armed robber yesterday ambushed two Barclays bank employees and went away with money that was meant to be packed into the Barclays Bank AutomaticTeller Machine at Kabwe’s Puma central filling station.

The robbery took place at about 09:00hrs when the bank workers were just about to pack money into the machine. The robber seemed to have stood just a few metres from the machine and pretended to be using the machine but all of a sudden followed the employees into the safe, demanded for the money and beat up one of the workers and left the premises unnoticed. Bank sources have told the watchdog that over one millino kwacha has been stolen.

About three months ago, armed robbers again snatched about K200,000 from a supermarket in the usually calm town. The filling station is located just about 400 metres from the Kabwe central police station and division headquarters and residents have expressed worry at the increase of crime since commissioner Standwel Lungu was brought to central province. Lungu has also appointed a known criminal in police uniform, Chipalata as district criminal investigations officer.

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