Looming fuel shortage to affect UNWTO transport

The looming shortage of fuel in Zambia will affect transport costs during the  forthcoming United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly and the Zambian government is in panic trying to negotiate with oil marketing companies to mitigate.

Sources from the Tourism ministry told the Zambian Watchdog that there is a looming shortage of fuel but instead of the government addressing the matter objectively, they are busy negotiating with oil marketing companies who in turn may not meet the demand.

The source added that the shortage will push the already high prices of fuel higher but in an interview, Tourism Permanent Secretary George Zulu said what was important at the moment was the availability of fuel and not the cost.

Zulu further dispelled any possibility of a shortage during the event in which Zambia’s preparedness is not certain due to incomplete infrastructure, saying government was enforcing measures that will see consistent supply of petroleum products to the country.

He added that government was currently talking to other oil companies to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fuel in the country during the conference and the Ministry of Energy has sent out tenders to various oil companies to provide the country with cheap fuel.

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