Losing hope?… Scott says HH will also need peace when he becomes President

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott has appealed for peaceful campaigns ahead of the 19th August by election in Mangango because even when UPND leader Hakainde becomes President he will need peace.

Scott who was too tired to address the scheduled meetings yesterday soon after arrival, was speaking after a briefing from campaign manager Obvious Mwaliteta. Mwaliteta told Scott that PF members were scared to campaign because they were being beaten by UPND supporters who seemed to have the backing of local people.

The tired Scott, upon learning that the PF-hired thugs had been intimidated and outnumbered later abandoned his scheduled trip into Mangango where he was supposed to address two meetings. Most of the campaign team had retreated to Kaoma hoping to re enter Mangango with Scott but the sudden turn left every one disappointed and they resorted to drinking while Scott took a rest at Mumu’s lodge and has only entered into the constituency this morning.

“We need peace in these campaigns but I am saddened that UPND and their leader Mr. Hakainde are pushing this violence but if this is the kind of politics UPND want to play then it is bad because even Mr. Hakainde will need peace when he becomes President,” said Scott in Kaoma.

Meanwhile reports reaching the Watchdog indicate that Hichilema has gone back to Mangango and right now is having meetings, much to the shock of PF who thought he had finished his campaigns and had gone back.

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