Losing Mkaika PF candidate tries to commit suicide

Losing Mkaika PF candidate tries to commit suicide

david phiriFormer Tourism deputy minister David Phiri who last Thursday lost the Mkaika parliamentary by-election attempted to commit suicide on Saturday.

A family member has told the Zambian Watchdog that after reading an analysis on this site titled to ‘Whom David Phiri is useful’, Mr. Phiri went into his bedroom and locked himself up.

Upon realizing, the wife called their neighbours IN kabulonga who forced the door to open and found Phiri about to take rat poison.

The source has disclosed that Phiri’s wife is now stationed at home can not go anywhere because her husband, the former MMD MP for Mkaika is a suicide risk.

In an the article published here after the Mkaika polls, the Watchdog analysed that Mr. Phiri was not useful to anyone including himself because even his family members rejected him.

This means that from being useless to himself, Mr. Phiri is now a danger to himself.

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