Loss of Lupososhi to UPND means a lot

By Dickson Jere

The first-ever parliamentary seat for the Patriotic Front (PF) to win after its formation in 2001 was Lupososhi. That seat was won by my friend Musonda Mpakata, who is the outgoing ZICTA chairman and current PF Member of Central Committee (MCC). The mighty MMD then was badly defeated in its perceived stronghold of Northern Province. Therefore, no history of PF can be written without the mention of Lupososhi constituency! The place is significant in many ways…
But for the PF to lose a local government seat there is telling… Lupososhi is not mere bedroom for the PF but “kuchipinda”! Whether it was wrong candidate or wrong campaign strategy – the truth remains that the defeat is wake up call for PF in the area.

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