Lover Mubalama beats up Dora Siliya again as step son pounces on him

Lover Mubalama beats up Dora Siliya again as step son pounces on him

Mubalama and Siliya

Mark Mubalama has once again beaten up his sex mate and current ATM Dora Silya. But this time Mubalama has been taught a lesson; Siliya’ son Kwenje has beaten up the Congolese in revenge. This is the second time Mubalama is savagely beating up the PF minister of agriculture infamous for her easy virtue.

Siliya was in early March this year rushed to Fairview Hospital for medical attention after being mortally beaten by her lover Mubalama following a dispute. She did not report the matter to police so the police could not arrest the culprit. Encouraged by Siliya’s amazing capacity to take blows without complaining, Mubalama attacked her again a few days ago at her own house in Ibex where he stays as ‘live-in boyfriend’.

But this time the ungrateful Mubalama was not so lucky as his step son Kwenje Paul Siliya was home. Kwenje could not stand the sight of her dear mama being beaten by a pest in her own home. He pounced on him and beat him until he bled profusely. Given the controversy surrounding their love affair, It is not clear if Mubalama will report Kwenje to police for attempted murder but we suspect that Mubalama will never beat Siliya again. We might abhor Siliya’s public and private conduct but we despise men who beat women. So well done young man Kwenje.

By the way, Mubalama and Kwenje are both employed by Siliya. Mark Mubalama is now the General Manager and Kwenje Managing Director at Siliya’s exclusive restaurant called Manor. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in Zambia. It is in Saise Road Longacres.

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