Lover Mubalama beats up Dora Siliya again as step son pounces on him

Mubalama and Siliya

Mark Mubalama has once again beaten up his sex mate and current ATM Dora Silya. But this time Mubalama has been taught a lesson; Siliya’ son Kwenje has beaten up the Congolese in revenge. This is the second time Mubalama is savagely beating up the PF minister of agriculture infamous for her easy virtue.

Siliya was in early March this year rushed to Fairview Hospital for medical attention after being mortally beaten by her lover Mubalama following a dispute. She did not report the matter to police so the police could not arrest the culprit. Encouraged by Siliya’s amazing capacity to take blows without complaining, Mubalama attacked her again a few days ago at her own house in Ibex where he stays as ‘live-in boyfriend’.

But this time the ungrateful Mubalama was not so lucky as his step son Kwenje Paul Siliya was home. Kwenje could not stand the sight of her dear mama being beaten by a pest in her own home. He pounced on him and beat him until he bled profusely. Given the controversy surrounding their love affair, It is not clear if Mubalama will report Kwenje to police for attempted murder but we suspect that Mubalama will never beat Siliya again. We might abhor Siliya’s public and private conduct but we despise men who beat women. So well done young man Kwenje.

By the way, Mubalama and Kwenje are both employed by Siliya. Mark Mubalama is now the General Manager and Kwenje Managing Director at Siliya’s exclusive restaurant called Manor. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in Zambia. It is in Saise Road Longacres.


  • See mulyokela would have never ever laid a finger on her. But Kwenje ndiye madoda yendi defending nkhosikhazi properly LOL

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    Papa Smurf 7 months

    Amai to the outside world you are a serious nkaka and champion of snide and rude comments. At home you’re a victim of domestic abuse. Sorry people but in my world there is no good reason to hit a woman. We all know that women are very delicate and have their moods that can be as a result of their hormones and stuff.

    Us guys simply have to understand that sometimes we are ass holes and foolish sods. We philander, we ogle other women’s asses and booty. Sometime we “outsource” just to prove to ourselves that we still have “game” especially when we hit those late 40s and early 50s.

    Dora has been having shitty days at the office and maybe she said something wrong. I mean when you spend the whole day trying to fight off farmers that are pissed as fuck at the K60 / Kg for maize, dealing with raising funds for FRA to purchase the maize and Soya Beans from angry farmers, organising a lucrative fertilizer deal with Saudi’s and collect your cut from the bastards that supplied last year. Imagine hooking all that up and you come home and you see your husbands whatsapp with some 21 year old calling him “baby” or having your husband demanding that you prepare him his favourite Lumanda and steak and also service him. She probably said a nasty thing or two or refused to “service” him too. Or maybe in the middle of the “service she got a call from “statehouse” again and put the man on hold with a serious viagra induced erection at stake. Maybe she noticed some money had taken a walk at the “office” and he couldn’t account for it properly. She may have gove all “managing director” on him and done a “Mayweather” on him, showing him that she’s he one wearing the trousers in the house and told him again that “he’s the bitch in the house”. Then shit went kaboom. None of this is true, but I speculate.

    Her jaw could have been tired from sucking a higher dick than his to keep her status too. shit happens like that at the office and she may have come home with “deposits” from some “ben 10” (you know how she and Marge Mwanakatwe roll) and that pissed off the poorly performing or sex drought stricken hubby.

    Anyway, that man shouldn’t have resorted to the “Petauke princess” like that.

    Guys, don’t beat up your wife or women like that. There are much better ways of dealing with shit like that. Take a chill pill. Go find a room at the Southern Sun (if you have elephant Dollars, if not just go to the local lodge) . Chill for a couple of days and gather your thoughts. Drink a few brews or distilled shots and find a shaking booty and give her the “sauce”. Fi pwilemo mwana, there are many women of easy virtue in Lusaka. On facebook you can even select from a menu of services nowadays. (don’t indulge, I see tehehehehehehe)

  • Is true or false, because all government ministers are guarded by police at their homes, anyway that is her private life…..

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      Papa Smurf 7 months

      Chiluba was guarded and still managed shag in front of vera

  • Kwenje the real fighter well done young man next time kill that idiot

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    ALLEPO 7 months


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    lucy 7 months

    Jehovah bwelanso pachalo, ukwapule nafuti.

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    MMD Cadre 7 months

    Dude you did well but I can assure you that your mother will still go back to that animal of a man despite what he is doing to her. Being a Congole, your mama cannot resist him between the bedsheets.

  • Y can’t she live him

  • He did the right thing I can’t stand it’s unfortunate fighting BT madam it’s also unfair to the children y our mothers do u chose to raise children without their fathers it’s nt good let’s respect each other in marriages even relationship s,well done bro tho nt nice.

  • We expect to hear important things for development not ma a fair fyabupuba

  • kkkk mind Yo term guys i berg live in boyfreind! youre powerful

  • kikikiki,not again

  • Ati ba minister…one scandal after the other!! Yaba comedian she better join the tilowa guys mu comedy!! Shame

  • Marianne Mbewe Masuku Salima Jones

  • Oke I love the writing in this article. Ati “encouraged by her amazing capacity to take blows without complaining; Mubalama beat her again” this has made my night

  • bring mark mubalama to maximum mukobeko where he will find real niggaz who will sought him out permanently

  • Ine ningamenye bonse babili.

  • hw do u beat up yo step father sure? naimwe ba dora vama boyfriend sure

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    webman 7 months

    Dora was mortally injured? How come she is still alive?

  • Himunza Mugwagwa

  • KKKKKKK Mubalama shame on you.How do you bite the finger that feeds you?Well done Kwenje coz our mothers should feel secure when we are around.Big boys dont cry but instead they harmer so hard in the face.

  • “Encouraged by Siliya’s amazing capacity to take blows without complaining, Mubalama attacked her again a few days ago at her own house” end of quote.

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    Chelsey 7 months

    The dogs are the best!. Lol, the current ATM & blow taker without complain Dora Siliya. Ha ha Congo dust is confusing Dollar.

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    pf cadre 7 months

    Thank u WD for exposing true colours of our pf leaders

  • No matter what Dora did…that man has no right to put his hands on her!! Shameless man!

  • Is that news

  • How long before someone is murdered in this marriage of convenience.

  • Josie Josie boi boola ubone

  • Sh ws lucky dis tym her son ws a first aider ni mayo mpapa naine nkakupapa


  • Am just happy there was no short gun involved

  • Dora siliti.. mwalimutana

  • Kiiiiiiii ati sex mate and current ATM Dora Siliya. Am sure she must be an FNB ATM because it’s always loaded

  • Ngwenje oh sory! kwenje why didn’t u punish both of them anyway wabeleka cilombwana