Low voltage, outages and load shedding in Kasama

Dear Editor,

I pray that my complaint will find space in your publication as it is of utmost importance to the residents of Kasama and maybe the whole country.

I would like to express my displeasure at ZESCO in the manner they have been cutting power without notice which has resulted in untold loss of property( electronics) for many residents here in Kasama more especially in Chikumanino. I for one has been a victim of this cruel act by ZESCO and have had two TV sets getting damaged.( One at home and the other at my shop.)

ZESCO have also continued supplying low voltage of up to 110 volts to homes in Chikumanino, location, Mulenga Hills and New Town followed by prolonged load shading. I just wonder how they (ZESCO) expect people to survive on such low voltage which is practically useless to a household and markets; which is at the end of the day followed by power outages and load shading.

Most people including myself have lost our fresh food stuff in our fridges and wonder how we will be surviving if we can not store fresh products in our fridges for fear that they might go bad. One thing all policy makers, including the appointing authorities should note is that most Zambians are not so well to do, so they can not afford supplementary or contingent budgets to  deal with loses caused by the FAILED ZESCO! Instead of having ” More money” in our pockets, we are perpetually made to resort to other costly sources of energy as well as unbudgeted for expenses to compensate for the incompetency by ZESCO.

I am aware that there are a lot of explanations ZESCO would like to offer in defense but that will not solve the unbearable situation we are subjected to! It is time we did something about this situation in Zambia because I believe we can be better than this!

Can you imagine that families are now forced to retire to bed early because of this unprecedented load shading and power outages! The impact is that apart from loss in terms of food stuff rotting in fridges, there will be so many unplanned babies in the affected areas! I remember my secondary school geography teacher attributing the higher population in Shanty compounds to luck of entertainment and people retiring to bed early which automatically forces couples to engage in marital obligatory activities with so much activity time resulting into many children being born!

This may sound not so serious but believe me, if entertainment time shall be cut so short by ZESCO, the population may triple and more food and other necessities will be needed in the next couple of years which will force more into poverty!

I wish I could go on and on but let me conclude by saying, ” I have decided that I will pass on all the costs related to the failure by ZESCO to meet their obligation in future, back to them. Even if it means going to court, I will do it because I will not manage to keep on losing property and food, neither will I be forced to stop budgeting for things like relish and start to buy perishable food stuff on daily basis!”

We need to unite on this problem and sort it out soonest!

Concerned Kasama resident

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