Low voter turn-out recorded in Solwezi

An MMD official in Solwezi has been hospitalised after being beaten up by suspected UPND-PF cadres just before voting closed.
And the Watchdog has been told that only a small percentage of registered voters managed to vote as heavy rains prevented a lot of them from participating.

It has been raining intermittently in Solwezi as marouding cadres from both camps wathced people going to vote.
Results of the elctions are expected to be known by 24 hours today owing to the few number of people who actually voted.

The MMD local leader who was beaten has been identified only as Sakanya. He is said to have been  hit by a bottle to the head.

The Solwezi seat is being contested by MMD candidate Albert Chifita, Watson Lumba of the PF/UPND pact, Mohammed Kalela of FDA and Thomas Kafula who is contesting as an independent candidate.

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