Lozi leaders ignore independence

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has shunned this year’ Independence celebrations.

The event at Mongu stadium was officiated by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu with MMD Luampa member of parliament Josephine Limata occupying one of the seats of government officials. She works in the PF as under minister. Western province PS Amos Malupenga was also in attendance.

But none of the BRE representatives was present. Even the acting Ngambela or the PF aligned Indunas were nowhere to be seen.

But all civil servants were forced to gather at the stadium to listen to Lungu. School going children were also bundled in trucks and taken to the stadium.

‘It looks like just a government workshop but with school children in attendance’, observed one person who was at the stadium.

Dozens of people from that area are currently held in prison.

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