Lozis protest against Sata for insulting Litunga

Scores of people in Mongu this morning held peaceful but emotional protests against president Michael Sata for insulting the King of the Lozi people, the Litunga.

President Sata recently said the Litunga is just another chief and has no powers to be treated in a special ways.

The remarks have angered the Litunga’s subjects and this Sartuday mobilised themselves in Mongu carrying placards denouncing Sata.

The demonstrators who gathered from all direction of the town then marched to the police station where the police requested to have a meeting with representatives of the demonstrators.

By 13 hours local time, the reps and police were still locked up in a meeting while hundreds held vigil outside the police station.

If you are at the scene, send us photos to: [email protected]

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