Lozis who went to welcome Sinyinda arrested

Lozis who went to welcome Sinyinda arrested


A yet to be confirmed number of Lozis who went to welcome Sinyinda at the Mongu airstrip were today arrested for disorderly conduct, according to Barotse Post.
This was in the confusion that ensured at the airstrip when police fired gun shots in the air, in an effort to disperse Mr. Sinyinda’s supporters from the airport claiming that Sinyinda was not an official dignitary that needed such a welcome.
They were instead advised to go and wait for him at his residence where they could welcome him instead of the airport. The crowds however, defied the police directive leading to the near volatile situation.
This was at Hon. Sinyinda’s return from Zambian detention over treason charge that he and 83 others were accused of, later released on Nolle Prosqui by a Lusaka magistrate court for lack of sufficient evidence for the matter to proceed to trial in Zambia’s high court.
One of those arrested today has been named as Mubita Mooto, an elderly man with several others still at the police station.
Meanwhile Barotse activists have strongly condemned the unprofessional conduct of Zambia police who were bent on stopping people from welcoming their leader at a public air strip.
The defiant crowed that waited for his arrival went into jubilation and singing as they saw their leader come back home from detention. Police guns were fired and shot in the air to scare away the crowds, who scampered in various directions almost causing an uncontrollable situation.

“We are proud that our people have once again resisted the temptation and provocation from Zambia to get violent, because we don’t understand why all this behavior from the police on a peaceful crowed” lamented one activist leader.

“They are telling people not to be here at the airport because they claim Sinyinda is not an official dignitary, so there was no need for the people to be at the airport, but rather they should have waited at his (Sinyinda’s) home to welcome him. This behavior is very disappointing because the airport is a public place anyway.” another BNFA official said.

Hon. Sinyinda who came on the chartered plane alone, was told by the police not to address the crowed as a condition, and that he had to be escorted by the police all the way to his residence.

Meanwhile the streets of Mongu leading to Sinyinda’s residence from the airstrip were full of his enthusiasts who waved, sang and danced as his motorcade drove past them.

Mr. Sinyinda’s house which was earlier thoroughly searched by police is right now a hive of activities, and that he has safely arrived under heavy police escort.

“We believe the police failed to arrest him because of the multitudes who refused to leave the airstrip vowing to rather die with their leader than allow the police to arrest him again. And man look at this welcome, it is more than that of the Zambian head of state. We are happy the people came out here to receive their Sope” concluded the BNFA official.

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