Luangwa community reject imminent capture of wildlife

Luangwa community reject imminent capture of wildlife

All chiefs, local people and Community Resources Boards (CRBs) in the Luangwa valley have rejected the imminent capture of wild animals from the Luangwa National Park.

The ministry of tourism, through its Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW ) has agreed with some local and international businessmen to start capturing wild animals from the Luangwa National Park and take them to private game ranches. Some animals will be exported. This project was heavily opposed in the Kafue National Park though it is still going on. It has now been extended to Luangwa National Park.

But the people in Luangwa, led by senior chief Nsefu, have written to President Edgar Lungu to intervene and stop the capturing and removing of animals from one of the few national parks that still has a good number of wildlife.

The local community argue that there is really no proper reason for the ministry of tourism to remove the animals and that local people have not been consulted. The community state that There is no benefit to local people and that in this exercise, just like in the infamous trophy hunting, local communities are not benefiting but are just used to sign for foreigners to make money,

The community further argue that there is no reliable statistics to show how many animals are currently in the National park to warrant their removal. The community fear that capturing and removing animals such as buffalos will leave a negative impact in the national Park. The community further accuses the ministry of negligence saying most of the animals they captured in the past ended up dying when they were delivered to their new homes.

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