Luanshya court orders woman to refund cash she got from sick hubby

A Luanshya woman has been ordered to pay back KR30,000 she  snatched from her sick husband.
Luanshya local court justice, Christopher Saluhandu made an order after he granted divorce in the marriage between Maybin Chileshe and Naomi Banda.
The court order, followed Mr Chileshe’s submission to the court  that his wife ran away from him , when he fell sick.
Mr Chileshe who is a retired police officer, further submitted before the court that his wife just came home after she learnt that his retirement benefits were out.
Mr Chileshe said it was sad that his wife ran away from him, when he added her most as he had become paralytic as he had suffered stroke.
He said but when she came back home, instead of taking care of him she again decided to run away with KR30,000.
But Naomi told  the court that she left her matrimonial home because her husband was in the habit of always beating her and insulting her in public.
Local court justice Salahandu granted divorce in their marriage and ordered that the two should share household property.

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